For Elan Shukartsi, working in commercial real estate is about gratitude and balance. That’s because Mr. Shukartsi , who runs his third generation commercial real estate company and is president of Olive Branch Properties in Venice, California,  feels grateful for the successes of his company but has a strong understanding about balancing work and helping others in need. Olive Branch Properties manages all the properties in their commercial portfolio, develops new sites to improve returns, negotiate deals on behalf of the entities they represent, and invests in commercial real estate projects across Southern California. Specifically, that means projects from large commercial retail sites with national anchors, high-end retail in dense locations, fast food pads, and value-added centers. Elan Shukartsi and Olive Branch Properties uses a hands-on approach in management style — as they are always available and willing to make the best decisions for both the company and their tenants. Elan Shukartsi’s Olive Branch Properties also owns high-end retail real estate in downtown Los Angeles so he’s no stranger to the competitive side of acquiring new square footage in thriving and expanding markets.

Elan believes in balance between work and giving back to the community. As proud as he is about his commercial real estate company’s successes, Elan Shukartsi has found another way to improve the local community beyond working with new business and developing new centers. Elan’s greatest pride has been accomplished through an ever-growing list of charitable organizations that he works with directly to create and fund new opportunities for those who are less fortunate in the community. Examples of some of the many organizations Elan works with are Create Now, which is an arts program that helps at-risk and vulnerable youth find a healthy outlet while increasing the chances of them securing meaningful jobs and escaping poverty in the future. Elan Shukartsi is a steadfast supporter of this organization in which he has created and funded a music studio and a culinary arts program for at risk youth. Another entity, the non-profit Blind Children’s Center, works tirelessly toward giving visually-impaired students the chance to learn through special curriculum.  Mr. Shukartsi contributed to this entity by funding special needs iPads for the students and helped fund and create a sensory playground for the visually impaired students. Elan has also helped the Blind Children’s Center acquire special therapeutic equipment for the students. It should come as no surprise that he has been such a staunch supporter of these groups, as Elan Shukartsi is also a dedicated father.

While Mr. Shukartsi will continue to manage and invest in the world of commercial real estate in California, his true passion is giving back and helping others. As such, he is always on the lookout for other worthy institutions to support and work with. Be sure to check this website often for additional information on the commercial real estate sector and other charitable ventures in which Elan Shukartsi takes great pride in.