Elan Shukartsi Encouraged By Programs That Are Enriching Lives Of Deserving Children

Elan Shukartsi Although many people talk about charitable giving and all the ways that the world could be a better place, few follow through on their proposed philanthropy. Elan Shukartsi is an individual in the position to be able to help and has done so repeatedly. Whether it’s donating toward groups that aid at-risk youth or support of visually-impaired children, Mr. Shukartsi can proudly point to efforts that he has gotten involved with. That pride doesn’t come from the fact that he donated money; it comes from a hands-on approach and assisting these crucial organizations complete important work. In this article, we’ll take a look at some recent efforts by educational groups that Elan Shukartsi has contributed to.

Create Now: This Los Angeles-based non-profit “gives youth opportunities to find their voices through creative arts mentoring and education.” One of the more recent projects at Create Now involved celebrity stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, who “curated an incredible fashion sale with eBay with all proceeds benefitting Create Now!” This includes shoes, bags and other accessories that anyone can purchase with the knowledge that their contribution would be directly benefiting children. According to the Create Now’s website, they’ve in total helped some 43,000 children in need across southern California.

As the president of Venice-based Olive Branch Properties and founder of the Moe Life Foundation, Elan Shukartsi thought it was important to contribute to this local organization that is undoubtedly helping improve the lives of local children. Create Now, in return, thanks Mr. Shukartsi for his contributions over the past six years. His donations have helped build a recording studio and assisted in creating the new Culinary Arts program that helps young adults at risk for homelessness. “Thanks to their help, the neediest kids are able to sing karaoke and their original songs, record guitar, drumming and keyboard music at the culminations of their workshops, learn recording and production techniques, and edit their videos,” Create Now says on its website of what Moe Life Foundation and Mr. Shukartsi have made possible.

Blind Children’s Center: Also based out of southern California, this non-profit was established in 1936 and aims to “optimize each child’s development and opportunities to lead a meaningful life through a comprehensive program.” Mr. Shukartsi previously contributed toward the center’s sensory playground that opened in 2018. Additional efforts made by Elan Shukartsi to enrich the lives of those served by the Blind Children’s Center include recent purchases of therapeutic chairs and equipment as well as sight-sensitive iPads for children with vision ailments. In the same vein, Mr. Shukartsi was pleased to see a Sept. 25, 2018 Facebook post that showed students using a balance obstacle course. Since the school year has only just begun, he looks forward to seeing future updates that show just how beneficial the courses at this school are for those with visual impairments. The organization’s website also spotlights the “Beeping Egg Hunt” that the school hosted in the spring, which was accomplished through tweaks to a typical egg-hunt event.

Elan Shukartsi’s contributions to these two non-profits in southern California have helped improve the lives of children who truly need assistance. For more information on his philanthropy, please visit the Moe Life Foundation.